Sunday, July 17, 2016

Is there life after Kindle Scout. Of course, there is.

Several folks have asked about Rimrider since it wasn't picked up for Kindle Scout. Since I didn't expect a contract, I'd already begun the process of self-publishing. I plan to release the first two books simultaneously and am in the final editing of book 2, Outlaw Jane. I hope to have them out before summer's end.

Was I disappointed I didn't get the contract? No. I didn’t expect it and considered this more of a learning experience. Would I do it again? No. It took a huge amount of time and effort. I have only a very minimal advertising budget. A hefty one is probably needed to get the word out along with the ability to really work social media. I considered if there was anything I could have done differently given the time and money constraints and concluded there wasn’t. This isn’t the platform for me.

If you have a book ready, should you try it? Sure, why not? Signing up for it is free, but it will take a lot of time and you have to either really know how to work social media or have the money to hire someone who does. 

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