Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The First Two Books in the the Rimrider Adventure Series are Here

The first two novels in the the Rimrider Adventures Series are here. Both are enrolled in Kindle Select, so if you're an Amazon Prime member the ebooks are free. Print versions will come soon. 

Rimrider (Book 1)
99 Cents

Teenager Jane Benedict is awakened by her father and ordered to memorize a mysterious code. Hours later, Mathias Benedict is dead and Jane and her brother, Will, are wards of United Earth Corporation. To evade the company's murderous clutches and uncover the meaning of her father’s last message, Jane leads Will on a desperate escape across the galaxy aboard the Freetrader smuggler ship, Solar Vortex. Tangled in the crew’s fight against UEC, Jane saves the life of young smuggler Maclan Sawyer and learns her father’s code identifies a secret cargo shipment that can spell destruction for the entire Freetrader cause and the extinction of an alien race.

Piracy, intrigue, romance, and a daring rebellion from Earth wait on the planet Rimrock. Will Jane answer the call to adventure and find new purpose on the galactic rim or will death for high treason be her fate?


New friendships are forged. Old enemies emerge and Jane Benedict’s life takes a surprising turn.

With barely time to celebrate the victory at Golgotha, the Freetrader Council tasks Jane to find the leewits and forge an alliance to destroy the company’s hold over Rimrock. With Gem at her side, Jane journeys to their secret enclave only to discover hidden dangers and a less-than-warm homecoming for Gem. Forging an alliance will be trickier than expected.

With the leewit alliance temporarily on hold, duty summons Jane and Gem back to the Solar Vortex. Jaden Solis has stepped up harassment of the colonists, forcing the Freetrader fleet to stay on the run from UEC cruisers. To combat the growing threat Mac, now a captain with the rangers, accepts a risky assignment near Golgotha. Meanwhile, restless Jane searches for a new challenge and is offered an unexpected apprenticeship. 

Battling both perils in deep space and a horrific plot to crush the colonial rebellion on Rimrock, Jane and her friends dive into new adventures on the galactic rim. 

A little background about the series. 
The Rimrider Adventures series are science fiction novels about a girl from Earth who joins a planetary rebellion on the galactic rim. While set in the future, the story’s roots are firmly in the past, influenced by my first relative to come to America. She left home in 1900 at the age of fifteen with no knowledge of American language, customs, or culture. She carried nothing more than a few beat-up suitcases held together with twine and a burning desire for a better life. It struck me that travel across the ocean in 1900 had similarities to interplanetary travel. For most immigrants, the trip was one-way. Return visits to the old country were too expensive and political unrest often made them impossible. If space travel ever becomes feasible, the people who have the courage to face the hardships of colonizing a new planet will be made of tougher stuff than those too settled in their comfortable armchairs to shoot for the stars.

My heroine, Jane Benedict, has that adventurous spirit. She is suddenly orphaned and threatened with separation from her younger brother, but chooses instead to lead him on a desperate escape from Earth. Little does Jane know, the planets on the galactic rim are the hotbed of a budding rebellion. Rimrider is a loose parallel to the American Revolution, but with space colonists as the Yankees and Earth as the redcoats. Expect humor, sweet romance, space battles and conflict, but no gore. If I kill off a character it’s to advance the story and not add cheap melodrama.I prefer to write smart female characters more comfortable with thinking rather than shooting their way out of a tricky situation. 

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