Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Book Spotlight: An Angel's Hearty by Annette Miller

Angel Haven team member, Rachael McCafferty, is losing control of her superpowers, and it started benignly when an old man shook her hand. Now, she's being followed by a shadow man who terrifies her, but she’s also tempted by the whispers of untold power he plants in her mind.

Joseph Caine is called in to help Rachael understand what is happening with her. As an earth wizard, he feels an affinity to her, believing he can help because they both have the same connection to the earth.

But as evil grows around them and Joseph begins having visions of death and destruction, he knows Rachael isn't the dark warlock's only target.

"What are you doing?"

He stood in the doorway, wearing only jeans, HIs hair was in more disarray than usual. The early afternoon sun shone in, making him almost glow in the light. Magic flowed from him, filling her heart with joy at his presence. She could see bright light dance across his skin. Could that be his aura, and if so, how did she learn to see it? She'd carry the memory of how he looked right now for the rest of her life.

She held up the music box. "I was listening to it. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all." He laid his left arm across the middle of his back and held out his right hand. "Shall we?"

Winding the music box and letting it play, she stood and took his hand. His steps were easy to follow, even though she'd never waltzed in her life. They twirled around the living room, the music seeming to get larger and fuller the longer he held her. As the music box wound down, they slowed and eventually stopped.

"That's such a beautiful melody. First the lullaby, then the music box. Your family knows the prettiest and yet, somehow incredibly haunting, tunes."

"It's part of our charm."

Author Bio
Growing up in Baltimore, MD, Annette always liked superheroes, science fiction, and fantasy. She started writing when she was 5, using a lot of her favorite characters from movies and television. It was only later, when she started reading romance that the two worlds merged. Creating her own heroes, she realized heroic relationships have their own sets of problems and her Angel Haven series was born.

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